SAKO TRG 42 Scope Mounts
SAKO TRG 22 Scope Mounts
34MM Stainless Steel Scope Rings

"Just writing to let you know that I am extremely impressed with my Weatherby Mk V Base, the quality of workmanship is to be compared with the finest of artwork available today.
Many thanks
Chris Lutschini"
"Your stainless steel base and 30 MM rings are low profile, rock solid and
exactly what I have been looking for." Jeff Schultz- California

The Ultimate Precision Long Range Scope Base

-The Original 25 MOA forward slope,
...long range scope base. Used by the US NAVY,
...US ARMY special operations, and the RCMP
...with integral recoil shoulder and MIL-STD-
...1913 spec.
-CNC machined from HTSR Stainless Steel.
-TORX mounting hardware in 6x48 or 8x40
-Nitrided matte black oxide finish standard.
-Also available in matte stainless finish.
-The finest scope base money can buy is
...available for the following rifles:

TRG 42 Bases and 34MM SS Rings

To Order Near Mfg Scope Mounts
Call 1-866-608-2441

Long action & Pre 64 long 20 MOA only
WSM 10 MOA only

Weatherby MKV
Magnum 9 lug 10 MOA and 40 MOA
MKV STD 6 lug 10 MOA only

SAKO TRG 22/42 25MOA only
SAKO TRG-S M995 20 MOA only
SAKO M75 III, IV & V 20 MOA only

Remington 700 SA 10 MOA and 20MOA
Remington 700 LA 10 MOA and 40MOA

ALL BASES 175 plus airmail

Customers Write: Richard,

Many thanks for the one-piece mount.
It's a work of art.
..........Jeff Reid

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Near Mfg. Simrad Intensifier Mounts and Rings
High precision High strength one piece ring
cap and dovetail mount system.
Mounts the KN 200 and 250 intensifiers on
30mm and 1" scopes.
The absolute highest quality system available.
In use with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Designed to withstand 50 cal BMG recoil.
Near Mfg. Muzzle Brakes

Superior Design, Materials and Craftsmanship
Crafted by Professionals for Professionals - Since 1992

Near Manufacturing

Phone: 1-866-608-2441
(780) 608-2441


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